Anchor Tattoos

Anchor tattoos

Anchors are not very old in tattoo art. They became popular some few thousand years ago. In these years however the anchor tattoo has become incredibly popular, being more demanded one in the west for last two centuries. Nevertheless it does have symbolic roots that are ancient. It is considered as a symbol of safe harbor, a safe anchorage that does not let one stray, a strength to go through heavy winds and currents for several thousand years. This tattoo can help the one getting tattooed in staying constant and being his/herself in most adverse circumstances.

The anchors are quite popular in all sorts of people, but as easily understandable, they are most popular among sailors, marines and anyone associated with naval careers. This goes back in the history as back as the Mediterranean sailors which considers the anchor as a symbol of sea gods. The sailors did use to get other tattoos as well like sailing ships, mermaids, and maritime but anchors were the most highly demanded ones.

Now, however, the concept has widened. The anchor tattoo is no longer restricted to sailors and marines. Now people on the rock scenes and people with visible strength take on the anchor symbol with great enthusiasm. It has also become a symbol of guardians and protectors.

The anchor has many meanings like dedication, salvation, hope, safety and caution. Anchor is drawn with grey and black color traditionally, giving high details and finished edges. It’s also customary to draw roses and flowers around anchors, ropes and the word “Hope” are also drawn with anchor tattoos.