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Matching tattoos

Matching Tattoos

Many best friends, siblings and couples prefer developing same tattoos to show their strong bonding in front of others. Many people prefer making tattoo identical to anyone’s tattoo. The trend of matching tattoos is increasing in all over the world. It is definitely a best way to show your connection with others in a different style. Many couples who want to show their commitment to others also prefer similar tattoos on their bodies. There can be many designs of matching tattoos. These are scorpion, quotes, flowers, hearts and angels. There is a vast category of matching tattoos designs. It is better to consult with the expert designers to get the best design for the matching tattoo.

The matching tattoos are mostly inked with the method that last on temporary basis. Sharing a particular tattoo increase the love more among any couple or friends. It rarely happens that choices of a couple match regarding tattoo designs. But those couples are considered as ideal and real lovers by the people. Many couples only choose making matching tattoos only for showing in front of others. There are numerous sites on internet from where you can get best designs of similar tattoos. Magazines and Newspapers are also best sources to get best designs for similar tattoos. All you need to choose a best design so that people begin to praise you for it. You can also develop any design as per your choice for getting it as a tattoo on body. You’ll really enjoy it a lot.

Maori Tattoos

Maori Tattoos

The enthusiasm of tattoo designs is rising to an incredible extent. Especially, the new generation has gone crazy after this trend. They have madly fallen in love with things helping them assert their values like these body designs. Among this fanatically fast population, there are some people who find meaning and history even for this craze and then adopt it. Maori tattoo lovers are among those people, who have joined the enthusiasm on the basis of meaningfulness and respect for Maori culture.

Maori tattoos represent the wisdom and culture devotion of ancient New Zealand generation. The most admirable trait of that tribe was their respect for their ancestors. They loved their tradition and to transform it from generation to generation. They kept their conventions alive in the form of Maori tattoos. These tattoos were meaningful and mirrored their passion and bravery in different fields of life such as war, the biggest attention for those people.

On the basis of mannerism of Maori people, Maori tattoos are loved around the world. There is another reason of their popularity besides culture prominence, which is the elegance and splendor of the design. A great deal of people loves to have drawn these marvelous pieces of art on their body only because they look unique and brilliant.

If you also want to have Maori tattoo design on your arm, shoulder, hand, etc, it is crucial to find out the right designer for this purpose. The designer must have insightful training and experience in drawing Maori Tattoos.

Lotus flower tattoo

Lotus Flower Tattoo

If you know anything about tattooing at all, then you must know the importance of lotus flower in tattoo art. Lotus flower is one of the most used symbols in tattoos all over the world. But the logical question is, why? Why lotus over so many other flowers. The answer is that lotus is not just a flower to tattoo artists. It’s a symbol with so many different meanings. Yes plural, meanings, because it is a complex symbol and interpreted differently according to culture, religion, number of petals, being open, closed or partially closed and color.

Religiously the lotus symbol is Asian in origin. Being mentioned anciently in the Hindu, Buddhism and Egyptian cultures. In Hindu culture, a lotus represents divine power and beauty. In Buddhism culture, the unfolding of a lotus leaves represents spiritual wakening of the soul, it usually goes with a hundred petals to depict the complexity of soul. In Egyptian culture the blue lotus means the celebration of passing into the afterlife. But logically speaking, the lotus can be taken as metaphor. Just as a lotus grows in mud and grows to be one of the most beautiful sights on earth, an individual can too move past the adversities in life and move on to a greater self in their life.

Lotus can be used in so many different ways too, as it is commonly drawn with a geisha and samurais. The best part is that it conveniently complements absolutely any part of the body and can be modified to any suitable size. From huge colorful lotuses, to small flowers on the wrist, lotuses are always a great choice when getting tattooed.

Henna Tattoo

Henna Tattoo Designs

Henna, fragrance taken from Henna plant, is also known as Mehndi is never forgotten on occasions like Weddings and Eid (celebrated by Muslims). Eastern women usually like its smell and the color it leaves on their skins after being removed by water. Henna Tattoo designs could be simple but requires a steady hand to apply them correctly. Salons in Pakistan and India offer henna tattoo services.

Henna tattoos are created in different shapes and symbols but women prefer flower designs. Flowery designs give a feminine, delicate look and are actually prettier! There are flower petal designs and ring designs and are applied on hands, feet, back, arms and belly. On hands they could either be on your whole palm or the design could extend from your wrist diagonally towards the index finger. Whole flowers could be made in a train like pattern on the front of your hands. For starters, you can make simple flowers or those round Sun designs along with some pattern like commas and zigzag made on fingers. Crisscross and checkered designs could also be made. Henna tattoo designs are learnt faster by practicing.

Henna could be available in powder from or as a paste in cones. I often see older people apply henna on their nails. Young girls too get excited as soon as they see henna. There is this famous superstition that darker the color henna leaves on your hand, the more your mother in law will love you.

Tribal tattoos

Tribal Tattoos

It won’t be wrong to say that tattooing is among the oldest art forms in history of human beings. But tattooing, unlike other art forms, wasn’t displayed in museums of art or on streets of some exotic tourist spot. Tattooing was rather made popular in the small and rusted huts of oldest tribes in the world. Found as an essential ritual, tattooing was considered a sign of honor, belonging and a mark of healing and protection in many tribes of the world. There are a number of tribes which still practice tattooing as a symbol of dignity. May be this is the reason of tribal tattoos being one the most demanded and most popular genre of designs in tattooing.

The oldest found tattoos are on upper lip of a mummified fossil from chichorro culture in South America, dating as back as some 6000 BC. The most popular parts of tattoo history also include ancient Picts of modern day Scotland and Maori culture of Indonesia. The word tattoo, is in fact, derived form a Maori word “tatau” meaning to mark.

Tribal tattoos have their own aroma and own diligence. Although their popularity is not as such it used to be in the past, but a certain class of tattoo artists still considers it to be the most elegant choice in tattoos. As the basic color used in tribal tattoos is black, it has the advantage of holding up good. It doesn’t even fade with time. The design of tribal tattoos give the most powerful expression ever, their thick lines with strong interlocking patterns make them easier to fit on any part of body. Even if you don’t get a strictly traditional tattoo actual belonging to a tribe, they still can be customized to be a symbol of your own one person tribe.

name tattoos

Name Tattoos For Personal Choice

In present times name tattoos have become very popular and interesting among the people. Most people love to draw someone’s name tattoos on their body. This idea has become a way of showing love and respect for someone whom you consider a special person in your life. It would be any one, your girlfriend; wife, dad, dead grandpa, grandmother etc. so, if you are looking for a name tattoo there are some tips for you.

First of all you should think for the right name which can give you awesome feeling after tattooing and make you comfortable and happy. Second thing is that you should select a right part of your body. If you have a short name for tattoo you can draw it on your hand or back of your thumb. But if you have a name of many letters you should draw it on your wrist or on arm, shoulder etc. you must select an area where the tattoo looks nice and pretty. By this way the grace of your tattoo will increase very much. Third step is to decide a beautiful design according to your selected name. There are many good looking patterns available which give you a nice look. You can also make your own design for it. So, look for a proper style which provides you relaxation, excitement and calmness.

Pretty and stylish name tattoos not only show love but also makes you stylish and pretty. These are the tips which might help you in drawing suitable tattoos on your body.

Owl tattoo

Owl Tattoo Designs

If you are fan of the tattoo art or at least have any interest, you must consider looking into the details of an owl tattoo. This is among the lesser known tattoos but is very popular for those who know how to use it correctly. Suitable for both men and women, owl tattoos are stylish and elegant. Owl tattoo goes with a lot of symbolism, representing magic in the world of tattoo art.

Owl, as a bird, has always been associated with so many meanings. We see in different plays and stories, the owl being the symbol of wisdom, judgment, education and intelligence. Many cultures also consider owl as a depictions of greater meanings. Among these cultures are the Celtic, Egyptian and Hindu cultures. As it is one the most rarely seen birds, an owl also represents something not easily found but has to be struggled for and is thus precious. According to Native American belief, owl is a protector of knowledge. All these beliefs are well applied when this bird is chosen as a personal tattoo. A person of high knowledge and intelligence with inner sense of wisdom and rare to be found.

There are a variety of owl species present in world, In a similar way owl tattoo can be drawn in a number of ways to represent different meanings. If you want to express a mysterious personality, you can get a barn owl. But if you want to highlight elegance and dignity in you, snow owl would be best. The physical features of the owl in tattoo can be well chosen according to the place of body getting tattooed. Facial features, colorful or perfect white feathers, long ears, big eyes, all allow you a great deal of creative modifications and thus a great range of fresh tattoos.

Sister tattoos

Sister Tattoos Ideas

The unbreakable bond of sisters. It’s a love more than family as a sister understands you better than anyone ever will. And a best way to show the world you two are same souls: A Tattoo. Getting identical tattoos or tattoos that complement each other in way only sisters can, would be a lifetime gift to each other. And what makes tattoos more special when they are carefully chosen and you all agree on them, and following tattoo ideas will help you with this.

While heart tattoos express sweet hearted down to earth sisters, a to puzzle pieces which represent rather mysteriously grown up girls, tattoos give you an ultimate sense of being connected. The part of the body to be tattooed is also important. Generally matching tattoos on the forearm and on feet are mostly seen but tattoos on the back of neck and on waist aren’t uncommon either. Also they can be on the same part of the body like mentioned on forearms or neck etc, or can be on counter body parts like while tattooing on waist one sister can get tattooed on the front of abdomen while other on the same spot on her back.

Tattoo ideas are a vast field. Among most popular are heart tattoos, butterfly tattoos, angel tattoos, tattoos as names, star tattoos, infinity tattoos, bow tattoos and bird tattoos. Tattoos can be colored as well as black. Hollow tattoos with just the outer lines depicting a greater meaning are also getting popular over time.

Skull tattoos

Skull Tattoos And Sketches

One of the most popular tattoo designs is skull pattern on the skin. There are many purposes of having these tattoos on the skin. Mortality and death are the two common reasons symbolized by the skull tattoo. Many people apply this tattoo to develop a bit fear in others. Most of us think that people who apply skull tattoos are mysterious and doubtful. The power, strength and protection are also the symbols of skull tattoo. It can also be a sign of tough time, danger and overcoming death for the people who’ve experienced danger in the past. On the other hand, bad behavior and death are also the symbols of skull tattoos over different parts of the body.

It also shows the sign of never to revert, now changed and other things about past life. According to some people, skull tattoos also show the warning for the rival in the battle or comes as a symbol of victory over enemies. It is a misconception of people that skull design always show dangerous or negative image. Many people apply it for many positive reasons. It is also considered as a symbol that kills evil and devilish activities from the society. There are many ways to draw a skull as a tattoo. It is highly popular with crossbones as compared to other designs. Unlike girls, men mostly prefer developing skull tattoos. There is an old connection between tattoos and skull design. Inking skull tattoos had been started many decades ago in the world.

Tattoo ideas for men

Tattoo Ideas For Men

Looking back in the historical evidence reveals tattooing as one of the oldest art form ever to be practiced. Tattooing is taken as a decorative mark, or a mark of belonging to a group or generally as an expression of one’s personality and beliefs. The ratio of men getting tattoos as compared to women is almost 3 times. It is indeed a sign of manliness. While getting a tattoo can be fun and “on the edge” experience, choosing a tattoo can be highly confusing. We are presenting some of the most “MANliest” ideas here to lessen your confusion and to leave you more time with actually getting a tattoo rather than deciding.

Geometric forearm Tattoo: Geometrics patterns give a sense of randomness and control at the same time with reputation that expresses persistence.

The triangle. Random triangle at the fossa of elbow or in the groove of neck highlighting your Adam’s apple is a sure way to look classy and manly.

The compass: Shows that he’s got at least some direction for sure in life.

A natural scene involving a tree or perhaps just a signature leaf: For those poetic souls and deep thinkers.

The team number of your favorite player’s jersey: It doesn’t just have to be a number though, it could be well decorated with shades and coloring effects as well as decorations

Your favorite song lyric: Can depict a life lesson, love of your life or something of past that shaped you into what you are today.

These are also considered the manliest of all time tattoo ideas.