Catch Your Dreams With A Dreamcatcher Tattoo

For those of you who don’t know, dream catcher is a small handmade object which comprises of a willow hoop with a loose net available. It can have some feathers and decorative beads attached to it too. According to Native American belief, dream catcher are objects which when hung on the top of someone’s bed, helps the individual sleeping under it against bad dreams. It somehow deflects nightmares.

While a debatable useful object, dream catcher are also quite popular in tattoo art. They are unique in design and beautiful to be looked at. Using different colors and patterns is a great option in tattoos based on dream catchers. They also allow great range of size modification from large to medium and small. Appreciated by both men and women, they are suitable to any part of the body being mostly drawn on upper arms, back, side of body and neck. A great idea for women is to get dream catcher as a necklace on neck.

Dream catcher tattoos were started in Native America, but now a days they are popular in people of all cultures and ethnicities. The color and variety of feather and the shape of the hoop can differentiate them beautifully, so can the inside patterns of the net. Originally dream catchers have a lot of brown and yellow shades but in tattoos, black and blue are seen most prominent ones. The length of feathers and willow hoop and the ratio between the two can also be used strategically to increase the effect of tattoo. Have a dream catcher tattoo, feel beautiful and get rid of bad dreams at the same time.

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