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Diamond tattoo

Diamond Tattoo Designs

Quite popular among tattoo lovers, diamond tattoos are considered to be mainstream and are equally loved by men and women. Diamonds can symbolize so many things. It’s a definite sign of ultimate radiance and beauty. The hardest element found in nature, thus diamond depicts endless strength and unbreakable nature. Diamonds are precious and they represent wealth along with power. Diamonds are rare, they are “found” not “achieved”, so at the same time they represent good luck. Diamonds are forever so they can also be used to express eternal love and bond between two. And these are a complete set of characteristics one wants in his tattoo.

As a tattoo diamond can be drawn alone or linked to a variety of different symbols and elements. The so very famous “diamond shape” is a great advantage for both large and small tattoo ideas. Light blue and white are the colors chosen most commonly for diamond tattoos but as diamonds are found with coal usually, black can also be incorporated to a great extent. The symbolic shine of diamond is brought out by alternate dark and light regions. It’s a bit tricky tattoo so when getting a diamond tattoo make sure you choose the right artist for it who has a lot of experience with shading.

We know the saying goes as “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend” but this isn’t strictly limited to girls when it comes to tattoos. Men can carry a diamond tattoo too as it depicts invincibility and strength. If you are in mood for an ultimate tattoo, diamond would be a great choice.

Tattoo Lettering Ideas

There are many people who only prefer design for tattoos. However, some people love to have a particular letter or letters on their arms and necks. It can be overwhelming to have a design as compared to go for tattoo lettering. It is also related to write any text or quote. Most of the people choose the verses of their holy book or the quote of any famous author. In the tattoo lettering, there is not any restriction of choosing only a letter, word (s) or sentence. There are many trendy colors that can be chosen for letter tattoos. The people who show their personality bluntly prefer applying these tattoos.

Most of the people get inked with lettered tattoos on their arms. For the respect and honor of quotes or sayings, it is never applied over other body parts than arms. People of different age group visit tattoo designers to have these tattoos. The tattoo lettering designs attract more people towards you at the workplace or any gathering. The designers charge low prices for inking quotes or text than making designs. Many celebrities prefer to have these tattoos to create awareness or to convey any useful message to the people. Once you get such design, people appreciate it more as compared to images. If you can’t afford the designer’s fee, you can buy lettering tattoos made on transfer paper. These tattoos can be pasted over the skin by simply pressing with damp cloth. These are quite similar to the stickers available in the market.

Temporary Tattoos

These days, the trend of using tattoos on different areas of body is increasing in the world. People prefer body areas like arms, neck and many others for printing tattoos. Some people love to ink permanent tattoos. However, others don’t want to bear pain of inking permanent tattoos. Therefore, they go for making temporary tattoos. It is quite easy to make temporary-based tattoos by yourself using your make-up kit. The eye pencil can be used to draw anything you want for tattoo. Shimmers (that you apply on cheeks) can be used to fill colors in the tattoo. For instance, take a picture of dragon and draw as it is on your arms. Then fill the colors using your fingers through shimmer.

After few minutes, you simply need to make an outline of the dragon by using eyeliner. It’ll give a more real look to dragon. If you can’t draw tattoo on your body by yourself, it’ll be suggested to take other’s assistance. You can also use stenciled temporary tattoos on the body. These are easily available in the markets. These tattoos last for around two to ten days over the skin. The tattoos made on transfer paper are also becoming popular among the people. All you need to save any image and use Photoshop to edit it. Print the edited image on transfer paper. Press the printed image using damp cloth so that the colored image would be transferred on your arm. By these ways, you can apply temporary tattoos anytime without bearing pain like permanent ones.

White ink tattoos

White Ink Tattoos

Tattoos only made with white-colored ink instead of any other color are known as white ink tattoos. In these types of tattoos, the white ink is only used to make any design from beginning to the end. The look of this tattoo is more like a band/scar rather than any other thing. Many people who love varieties of tattoos also prefer these tattoos. One reason of developing white tattoos is not to show the image, design or text to others. When you show it deliberately from the closer side, it can only be seen by others. You can avoid any kind of negative attention at work or formal gatherings with this personal art. These tattoos look simpler on the body.

The white ink tattoos are made with the thicker ink. As compared to complicated design, simplistic art has a solid shot at showing up. The most common designs of these tattoos are basic tribal patterns, hearts, kanji symbols, key tattoos, writing, dragon and star tattoos. It saves you from disappointing and confusing blur as they are much easier to ink. The brightness of white color ink dampens on the dark colored skins. The design is usually stenciled in before starting shading with a typical tattoo. In some white ink tattoos, the black colored outline is used on the sides of an image. The top quality and thicker mixture is required to develop such tattoo over the body. In this way, you can get best white tattoos that look stunning to the people.

Infinity tattoo

Infinity Tattoo Ideas

A tattoo that lasts for the lifetime over the skin is known as infinity tattoo. It is also known as permanent tattoo. These tattoos are made with the sharp needle-like tool by cutting the skin. People bear and waste lots of pain as well as blood when they go for applying this tattoo. Most of the religious devotees and people who fall in real love prefer making these non-removable tattoos over the body. It requires lots of patience to get an infinity tattoo. People who apply these tattoos are considered as highly emotional and show real love for their God or any person.

To make an infinity tattoo, a needle-like tool with sharp tip is used. The use of this tool leaves a non-removable mark on the body for lifetime. In this way, a person can show his devotion towards his love whether it is his life’s mission, any person or the creator of this universe. The trend of applying permanent tattoos is higher among the followers of Buddhism. These people show their high devotion for Buddha by making these tattoos on the body. Many people prefer to bear such lot of pain only because of fashion. They merely want to look different in front of people. Different people have different mentalities regarding making tattoos. The doctors and medical experts don’t prefer applying these tattoos. It can cause many diseases and flow of blood in such large quantity can be dangerous for any person. It’s upon you whether to choose it or not.

Hand Tattoo

Hand Tattoo For Enthusiasts

Tattoos have become the most common and easiest way to express someone’s ideas, personality, feelings and passions. Hand tattoo is filed with most popular kinds of these well-known expressions. People, from all corners of the world, love to have manifestations of their unique passions and ideas on their hands. The common craze toward hand tattoos is because hands are one of the most visible parts of body like face, neck and feet. Having a tattoo on your shoulder might not impress as much people as a hand tattoo because more people will able to see it even when you don’t know they are appreciating the design on your hand.

There are various kinds of hand tattoos popular among boys and girls nowadays. With the passage of time and increase in the craze, the variety of designs is going up day by day. The biggest categories of these expressions on hands are girlish tattoos and boyish ones.

Girls, the so-called innocent generation on the planet earth, love innocence, purity, beauty and delicate things. They have delicate and pure feelings and get them in the form of tattoos on hands. Therefore, you will see lots of girl hands with hand tattoos like butterflies, flowers, roses, moon with a face, stars, hearts and diamonds.

Boys, the stronger and naughtier generation, love to express their strength through complicated, sometimes frightening tattoos on hands. They love to have unique things in the form of hand tattoo representing how unique they are from inside. They love to come on the scene as highly exceptional.

Friendship Tattoos

Friendship Tattoos For True Friends

Friendship tattoos are the trendiest way of showing respect and love to some special friend. Tattoo is a sign which will always speak to the world about how strong friendships bond you have with someone. It is a way to show deepness, strength and long life of your companionship with someone very special in your life. It will deepen and strengthen your mutual relationship and maintain an everlasting connection between you and your friend when you are not together.

To show your friend how much you love him/her through tattoo, you can go with matched designs of tattoos or those uniquely customized ones.

Matching friendship tattoos are great ideas if you both are looking for something representing great harmony and understanding between you and your friend. It can by the symbol of anything you both love just like your favorite song, how your friendship started, etc. placing matching symbols on your parts of body can be very exciting to represent timelessness of your amity. It will show how closely you both are connected to each other and how much you support each other and your relation.

Besides, you can go with personally customized designs of tattoos to place on your body. It will be better if you don’t pick up things like face, eyes and smile of your friend in the form of tattoo, none of the worldly relationship is guaranteed. Go with self-explanatory designs, which share usual feelings of love, affection and purity. They will be the best expression of your inner passion for friendship.

Skull tattoos

Skull Tattoos And Sketches

One of the most popular tattoo designs is skull pattern on the skin. There are many purposes of having these tattoos on the skin. Mortality and death are the two common reasons symbolized by the skull tattoo. Many people apply this tattoo to develop a bit fear in others. Most of us think that people who apply skull tattoos are mysterious and doubtful. The power, strength and protection are also the symbols of skull tattoo. It can also be a sign of tough time, danger and overcoming death for the people who’ve experienced danger in the past. On the other hand, bad behavior and death are also the symbols of skull tattoos over different parts of the body.

It also shows the sign of never to revert, now changed and other things about past life. According to some people, skull tattoos also show the warning for the rival in the battle or comes as a symbol of victory over enemies. It is a misconception of people that skull design always show dangerous or negative image. Many people apply it for many positive reasons. It is also considered as a symbol that kills evil and devilish activities from the society. There are many ways to draw a skull as a tattoo. It is highly popular with crossbones as compared to other designs. Unlike girls, men mostly prefer developing skull tattoos. There is an old connection between tattoos and skull design. Inking skull tattoos had been started many decades ago in the world.

Tattoo Sleeves

Tattoo Sleeves Ideas

Tattoo designing is one of the most thriving industries of the hour. People, realizing the importance to look stylish and flirty, are turning toward tattoo designs for them. With the fast increase in tattoo lovers, the types of these popular expressions are also going up fast. Among the most popular types of the art, tattoo sleeves are a remarkable name.

Getting tattoos as sleeves mean designing your arm to your selected length with tattoos in a way to look sleeve like. There are three major types of tattoo sleeves equally popular among all style lovers; quarter sleeve, half sleeve and full sleeve.

Quarter Sleeves
Quarter sleeve means getting the design on the upper part of your arm starting from shoulder and ending before the elbow starts. Sometimes, the tattoo covers up the shoulder, too. These tattoo sleeves are most cost and time effective among all popular types of this art. Usually a single tattoo design can serve this purpose.

Half Sleeves
As name implies, these tattoo designs cover one half of your arm and leave one half free. These designs take more time and money than those by above mentioned design. Besides, it is up to your choice whether you get a single tattoo or a combination of various lovely designs.

Full Sleeves
This is the most popular tattoo sleeve style of the age. It covers the whole arm, and you will have to sit for 5 to 25 hours to get it designed. Also, it is the most costly tattoo sleeve designing among all types.

Sister tattoos

Sister Tattoos Ideas

The unbreakable bond of sisters. It’s a love more than family as a sister understands you better than anyone ever will. And a best way to show the world you two are same souls: A Tattoo. Getting identical tattoos or tattoos that complement each other in way only sisters can, would be a lifetime gift to each other. And what makes tattoos more special when they are carefully chosen and you all agree on them, and following tattoo ideas will help you with this.

While heart tattoos express sweet hearted down to earth sisters, a to puzzle pieces which represent rather mysteriously grown up girls, tattoos give you an ultimate sense of being connected. The part of the body to be tattooed is also important. Generally matching tattoos on the forearm and on feet are mostly seen but tattoos on the back of neck and on waist aren’t uncommon either. Also they can be on the same part of the body like mentioned on forearms or neck etc, or can be on counter body parts like while tattooing on waist one sister can get tattooed on the front of abdomen while other on the same spot on her back.

Tattoo ideas are a vast field. Among most popular are heart tattoos, butterfly tattoos, angel tattoos, tattoos as names, star tattoos, infinity tattoos, bow tattoos and bird tattoos. Tattoos can be colored as well as black. Hollow tattoos with just the outer lines depicting a greater meaning are also getting popular over time.