Dragon Tattoos

Dragon Tattoos

Dragon tattoos are very popular tattoo designs and could be implied differently in various cultures. Where some may think it is a sign of bravery and strength, the others will perceive it as a sign of balance in life, wisdom and goodwill. Chinese and Japanese dragon tattoos are famous among men but women have also been seen taking interest.

Here are some dragon tattoos designs:

Game of Thrones dragons: The three dragons possessed by the Mother of Dragons could be made if you are a diehard fan of Game of Thrones. Dragon eggs could also be made with them

Black dragon: A Black dragon would look classy with small birds flying behind it. These could be made on the back and shoulder.

Small designs for women: Women prefer small designs for themselves. They like them to be two tones. There are also some tribal dragon tattoo designs that could be made on the upper back with black ink. These could also be made on the foot of women.

Chest designs: Big fierce dragons are made on men’s chest. They look perfect on manly bodies indicating strength and passion. These could also be of black or brown color.

Asian Dragon Tattoo: This could be for men and women both, on their arms or back. Just reduce the size when making it on women.

Tattoo studios: Studios famous for dragon tattoos are castle ford, dublin, bide ford and chester which is also known as The Golden dragon studio.