Diamond Tattoo

Diamond tattoo

Quite popular among tattoo lovers, diamond tattoos are considered to be mainstream and are equally loved by men and women. Diamonds can symbolize so many things. It’s a definite sign of ultimate radiance and beauty. The hardest element found in nature, thus diamond depicts endless strength and unbreakable nature. Diamonds are precious and they represent wealth along with power. Diamonds are rare, they are “found” not “achieved”, so at the same time they represent good luck. Diamonds are forever so they can also be used to express eternal love and bond between two. And these are a complete set of characteristics one wants in his tattoo.

As a tattoo diamond can be drawn alone or linked to a variety of different symbols and elements. The so very famous “diamond shape” is a great advantage for both large and small tattoo ideas. Light blue and white are the colors chosen most commonly for diamond tattoos but as diamonds are found with coal usually, black can also be incorporated to a great extent. The symbolic shine of diamond is brought out by alternate dark and light regions. It’s a bit tricky tattoo so when getting a diamond tattoo make sure you choose the right artist for it who has a lot of experience with shading.

We know the saying goes as “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend” but this isn’t strictly limited to girls when it comes to tattoos. Men can carry a diamond tattoo too as it depicts invincibility and strength. If you are in mood for an ultimate tattoo, diamond would be a great choice.