Henna Tattoo Designs

Henna, fragrance taken from Henna plant, is also known as Mehndi is never forgotten on occasions like Weddings and Eid (celebrated by Muslims). Eastern women usually like its smell and the color it leaves on their skins after being removed by water. Henna Tattoo designs could be simple but requires a steady hand to apply them correctly. Salons in Pakistan and India offer henna tattoo services.

Henna tattoos are created in different shapes and symbols but women prefer flower designs. Flowery designs give a feminine, delicate look and are actually prettier! There are flower petal designs and ring designs and are applied on hands, feet, back, arms and belly. On hands they could either be on your whole palm or the design could extend from your wrist diagonally towards the index finger. Whole flowers could be made in a train like pattern on the front of your hands. For starters, you can make simple flowers or those round Sun designs along with some pattern like commas and zigzag made on fingers. Crisscross and checkered designs could also be made. Henna tattoo designs are learnt faster by practicing.

Henna could be available in powder from or as a paste in cones. I often see older people apply henna on their nails. Young girls too get excited as soon as they see henna. There is this famous superstition that darker the color henna leaves on your hand, the more your mother in law will love you.

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