Lotus Flower Tattoo

Lotus flower tattoo

If you know anything about tattooing at all, then you must know the importance of lotus flower in tattoo art. Lotus flower is one of the most used symbols in tattoos all over the world. But the logical question is, why? Why lotus over so many other flowers. The answer is that lotus is not just a flower to tattoo artists. It’s a symbol with so many different meanings. Yes plural, meanings, because it is a complex symbol and interpreted differently according to culture, religion, number of petals, being open, closed or partially closed and color.

Religiously the lotus symbol is Asian in origin. Being mentioned anciently in the Hindu, Buddhism and Egyptian cultures. In Hindu culture, a lotus represents divine power and beauty. In Buddhism culture, the unfolding of a lotus leaves represents spiritual wakening of the soul, it usually goes with a hundred petals to depict the complexity of soul. In Egyptian culture the blue lotus means the celebration of passing into the afterlife. But logically speaking, the lotus can be taken as metaphor. Just as a lotus grows in mud and grows to be one of the most beautiful sights on earth, an individual can too move past the adversities in life and move on to a greater self in their life.

Lotus can be used in so many different ways too, as it is commonly drawn with a geisha and samurais. The best part is that it conveniently complements absolutely any part of the body and can be modified to any suitable size. From huge colorful lotuses, to small flowers on the wrist, lotuses are always a great choice when getting tattooed.