Owl Tattoo

Owl tattoo

If you are fan of the tattoo art or at least have any interest, you must consider looking into the details of an owl tattoo. This is among the lesser known tattoos but is very popular for those who know how to use it correctly. Suitable for both men and women, owl tattoos are stylish and elegant. Owl tattoo goes with a lot of symbolism, representing magic in the world of tattoo art.

Owl, as a bird, has always been associated with so many meanings. We see in different plays and stories, the owl being the symbol of wisdom, judgment, education and intelligence. Many cultures also consider owl as a depictions of greater meanings. Among these cultures are the Celtic, Egyptian and Hindu cultures. As it is one the most rarely seen birds, an owl also represents something not easily found but has to be struggled for and is thus precious. According to Native American belief, owl is a protector of knowledge. All these beliefs are well applied when this bird is chosen as a personal tattoo. A person of high knowledge and intelligence with inner sense of wisdom and rare to be found.

There are a variety of owl species present in world, In a similar way owl tattoo can be drawn in a number of ways to represent different meanings. If you want to express a mysterious personality, you can get a barn owl. But if you want to highlight elegance and dignity in you, snow owl would be best. The physical features of the owl in tattoo can be well chosen according to the place of body getting tattooed. Facial features, colorful or perfect white feathers, long ears, big eyes, all allow you a great deal of creative modifications and thus a great range of fresh tattoos.