Sister Tattoos

Sister tattoos

The unbreakable bond of sisters. It’s a love more than family as a sister understands you better than anyone ever will. And a best way to show the world you two are same souls: A Tattoo. Getting identical tattoos or tattoos that complement each other in way only sisters can, would be a lifetime gift to each other. And what makes tattoos more special when they are carefully chosen and you all agree on them, and following tattoo ideas will help you with this.

While heart tattoos express sweet hearted down to earth sisters, a to puzzle pieces which represent rather mysteriously grown up girls, tattoos give you an ultimate sense of being connected. The part of the body to be tattooed is also important. Generally matching tattoos on the forearm and on feet are mostly seen but tattoos on the back of neck and on waist aren’t uncommon either. Also they can be on the same part of the body like mentioned on forearms or neck etc, or can be on counter body parts like while tattooing on waist one sister can get tattooed on the front of abdomen while other on the same spot on her back.

Tattoo ideas are a vast field. Among most popular are heart tattoos, butterfly tattoos, angel tattoos, tattoos as names, star tattoos, infinity tattoos, bow tattoos and bird tattoos. Tattoos can be colored as well as black. Hollow tattoos with just the outer lines depicting a greater meaning are also getting popular over time.