Small Tattoo Ideas

Small tattoo ideas

Tattoos are a permanent mark! Scared enough? Yeah this much is normal. We know getting the thought of something permanent on your body is scary. But if it is something that is just right and becomes a part of your personality and expresses you in the most unique way, then why not? We all do have birthmarks and moles anyways, so why not get something by choice this time? An intelligent answer to all of this is getting started with something real small. A small tattoo. This isn’t scary and it would get you past that scary stage ending with a smile and boost of confidence in the end. A right small tattoo can do it. So below we are suggesting some great small tattoo ideas which can totally help you in getting started.

A heart: Jus lying randomly on the back of your hand or on inner side of your wrist, your waist, your neck or any part. It fits everywhere perfectly and comes in a number of possible designs.

The infinity symbol: Which depicts your endless love, effort, strength or journey, There is so much that can be meant by this.

Just a constellation of stars: Stars depict so much, A higher aim or the wishes you have in heart. These are perfect for upper arms and necks.

Birds: Can be love birds or just few birds depicting higher thoughts and freedom.

You favorite word: Just one word written in the most appealing font. Love, Food, heart, smile, happiness. The possibilities are endless.