Tattoo Ideas For Men

Tattoo ideas for men

Looking back in the historical evidence reveals tattooing as one of the oldest art form ever to be practiced. Tattooing is taken as a decorative mark, or a mark of belonging to a group or generally as an expression of one’s personality and beliefs. The ratio of men getting tattoos as compared to women is almost 3 times. It is indeed a sign of manliness. While getting a tattoo can be fun and “on the edge” experience, choosing a tattoo can be highly confusing. We are presenting some of the most “MANliest” ideas here to lessen your confusion and to leave you more time with actually getting a tattoo rather than deciding.

Geometric forearm Tattoo: Geometrics patterns give a sense of randomness and control at the same time with reputation that expresses persistence.

The triangle. Random triangle at the fossa of elbow or in the groove of neck highlighting your Adam’s apple is a sure way to look classy and manly.

The compass: Shows that he’s got at least some direction for sure in life.

A natural scene involving a tree or perhaps just a signature leaf: For those poetic souls and deep thinkers.

The team number of your favorite player’s jersey: It doesn’t just have to be a number though, it could be well decorated with shades and coloring effects as well as decorations

Your favorite song lyric: Can depict a life lesson, love of your life or something of past that shaped you into what you are today.

These are also considered the manliest of all time tattoo ideas.