Tattoo Sleeves

Tattoo Sleeves

Tattoo designing is one of the most thriving industries of the hour. People, realizing the importance to look stylish and flirty, are turning toward tattoo designs for them. With the fast increase in tattoo lovers, the types of these popular expressions are also going up fast. Among the most popular types of the art, tattoo sleeves are a remarkable name.

Getting tattoos as sleeves mean designing your arm to your selected length with tattoos in a way to look sleeve like. There are three major types of tattoo sleeves equally popular among all style lovers; quarter sleeve, half sleeve and full sleeve.

Quarter Sleeves
Quarter sleeve means getting the design on the upper part of your arm starting from shoulder and ending before the elbow starts. Sometimes, the tattoo covers up the shoulder, too. These tattoo sleeves are most cost and time effective among all popular types of this art. Usually a single tattoo design can serve this purpose.

Half Sleeves
As name implies, these tattoo designs cover one half of your arm and leave one half free. These designs take more time and money than those by above mentioned design. Besides, it is up to your choice whether you get a single tattoo or a combination of various lovely designs.

Full Sleeves
This is the most popular tattoo sleeve style of the age. It covers the whole arm, and you will have to sit for 5 to 25 hours to get it designed. Also, it is the most costly tattoo sleeve designing among all types.