Temporary Tattoos

Temporary tattoos

These days, the trend of using tattoos on different areas of body is increasing in the world. People prefer body areas like arms, neck and many others for printing tattoos. Some people love to ink permanent tattoos. However, others don’t want to bear pain of inking permanent tattoos. Therefore, they go for making temporary tattoos. It is quite easy to make temporary-based tattoos by yourself using your make-up kit. The eye pencil can be used to draw anything you want for tattoo. Shimmers (that you apply on cheeks) can be used to fill colors in the tattoo. For instance, take a picture of dragon and draw as it is on your arms. Then fill the colors using your fingers through shimmer.

After few minutes, you simply need to make an outline of the dragon by using eyeliner. It’ll give a more real look to dragon. If you can’t draw tattoo on your body by yourself, it’ll be suggested to take other’s assistance. You can also use stenciled temporary tattoos on the body. These are easily available in the markets. These tattoos last for around two to ten days over the skin. The tattoos made on transfer paper are also becoming popular among the people. All you need to save any image and use Photoshop to edit it. Print the edited image on transfer paper. Press the printed image using damp cloth so that the colored image would be transferred on your arm. By these ways, you can apply temporary tattoos anytime without bearing pain like permanent ones.