Angel Tattoos

Angel tattoos

One of the most demanded and widespread images in tattoos are angels. They are widespread among people of all religions, ages and cultures. The reason is quite apparent, angels are a symbol of spirituality, purity and divinity. Thus having an angel on one’s body is not such a bad idea. Cherubim, seraphim, angels and fallen angels are the most popular types of angels to get tattooed. Cherubim are angles which are drawn in the form of men and children while seraphim are drawn as women, all of them have wings and nimbuses as an essential feature.

Popular in all religions, angels are considered as most righteous and powerful servants of God. According to Christian belief, each person has his own guardian angel, who is with him always to protect his soul. By definition they are invisible and are immortal for eternity right from the moment of their creation. They are also taken as symbol of many good things in human life like beauty of nature, birth and love etc.

Having an angel on your body can depict many things, for example, a crucified angel shows remembrance of one’s lost love, a cupid shows the bond of true love, a guardian angel can show your desire to find refuge against various troubles in life and avenging angel as a symbol of vengeance and longing.

According to a survey, angel tattoos are more common among women, but men also have their fair share. The highly recommended places to get angel tattoos include back, abdomen, forearms and chest and rarely on wrists, feet or ankles.