Tribal Tattoos

Tribal tattoos

It won’t be wrong to say that tattooing is among the oldest art forms in history of human beings. But tattooing, unlike other art forms, wasn’t displayed in museums of art or on streets of some exotic tourist spot. Tattooing was rather made popular in the small and rusted huts of oldest tribes in the world. Found as an essential ritual, tattooing was considered a sign of honor, belonging and a mark of healing and protection in many tribes of the world. There are a number of tribes which still practice tattooing as a symbol of dignity. May be this is the reason of tribal tattoos being one the most demanded and most popular genre of designs in tattooing.

The oldest found tattoos are on upper lip of a mummified fossil from chichorro culture in South America, dating as back as some 6000 BC. The most popular parts of tattoo history also include ancient Picts of modern day Scotland and Maori culture of Indonesia. The word tattoo, is in fact, derived form a Maori word “tatau” meaning to mark.

Tribal tattoos have their own aroma and own diligence. Although their popularity is not as such it used to be in the past, but a certain class of tattoo artists still considers it to be the most elegant choice in tattoos. As the basic color used in tribal tattoos is black, it has the advantage of holding up good. It doesn’t even fade with time. The design of tribal tattoos give the most powerful expression ever, their thick lines with strong interlocking patterns make them easier to fit on any part of body. Even if you don’t get a strictly traditional tattoo actual belonging to a tribe, they still can be customized to be a symbol of your own one person tribe.